Monday, October 7, 2013

"The Love you take is equal to the Love you make"
                                                               - Lennon

The healer

           We can all agree that life forms have the ability to heal themselves. Whether it is the Earth, a plant or a fellow human being, there is a natural process of regeneration. This is understood largely on a physical and mental level as one gets a cut or has a bad experience and within a few days the body has healed the wound or the emotional distress. Of course, we also have ways to increase this rate of healing through applying bandages, ointments, practicing meditation or perhaps some sort of psychotherapy. There is, however, one aspect of the human experience which is often omitted in this mind~body paradigm. Oh yes... Spirit.

          While practicing yoga back in the U.S, I found that the instructors rarely (if ever) made mention of our etheric body. Even in India most young people, and "westernized" individuals, roll their eyes and snicker at such ideas of the soul, spirit and trans-empirical body. I understand that this topic is not for everyone, and it may be met with great aversion and skepticism among many of my friends and family. I do, however, feel a strong calling to share what I have learned regarding energy and holistic healing, for I sense that this information is vital in our modern age.

         About two months ago I experienced a strange pain in my right shoulder blade. I had done nothing in particular to injure my shoulder, although I had been trying a new meditation on the heart a few days prior. Once I realized the pain was actually getting worse, I decided to seek out a prana healer. I had been told to be wary of phonies and con-artists in this regard, however, upon meeting this young lady I felt an initial sense of genuine compassion and nurturing energy.

          I was asked to sit in a chair with my palms facing up and my tongue to the roof of my mouth. The healer, Madu, proceeded to light incense and presented a large bowl of salt water. Afterwords, she stood near me and moved energy with her hands and no touch was applied. Before the session I rated my pain as  7/10, and as soon as she was done there was a considerable decline to about 5/10. As the day went on, the pain continued to diminish until I woke up the next day completely healed. I was not charged for this first healing, and all future sessions were to be fifty rupees (less than one U.S dollar); she is practically doing charitable healing.

         Energy, otherwise known as prana, operates based on intention; it can go where one wishes and do as one commands. Similarly, if someone does not believe that this type of healing will work, the energies will not heal that person because they are not intentionally being received. I sat in meditation as Madu healed my shoulder, and apparently when she was standing behind me working with different chakras I was eliciting physical responses such as shifting in my seat as she adjusted the root or wiggling my head as she energized the crown. In later sittings I completely opened up to her. We discussed issues I have faced in the past as well as emotional blocks and spiritual hindrances I experience each day.

        I have since introduced several like-minded friends to this holistic-healing method, and they too have found it with great enthusiasm. To be clear, prana healing is in no way intended to replace or be held above physiological or psychological methods of healing; it is instead meant to work alongside these other aspects of healing. The health of the physical, emotional and spiritual body are interdependent on one another. Without addressing the ailment of one aspect of our being, we will see a deterioration on all other levels of our existence.

      I would like to invite readers to comment on this post, either here on the blog, on facebook, or in a private message. Light workers, open minds and skeptics are all welcome to contribute to the dialogue. Again, the affects of this type of energy work is solely dependent on the participant's openness to the procedure. There are workshops and ashrams where this is taught and I plan to learn as much as possible before I come back to the states. If anyone is interested I will be happy to spread the Love and Light.


Nithin King <== this is an Indian name that sounds like mine and is easier for Indians to say, so I go by it often! : P          <3~ GrAnOla BeAr~<3

Oo0Oo0o, and if you would like to chat with Madu and learn more about prana healing, visit her facebook page:


  1. I am thankful that you found relief from the pain you were experiencing. I am pleased that you have your mind-body-spirit all placed together to continuously accept freedom from pain and negativity.

  2. Yes, and thank you. Also, nice choice of words. Happiness and freedom of pain is most certainly a choice, one can choose to either accept or deny this liberated state of mind, body and spirit. Although, I am not claiming to be an enlightened soul; its a journey. ; )

  3. It is absolutely clear to me that we are not merely our seen/material parts, so cleaning and healing must apply just as much to our energy field/fields.. It makes total sense to me that it worked and of course even more because you were open to it and didn't scorn the possibility.. We are all so much more than meets the eye, the body is the tip of the iceberg.. I sometimes wonder "if all that was unseen was seen and all that was seen was unseen..."

  4. Indeed. The optimist in me strongly believes that our collective consciousness is awakening and realizing it's fullest potential more and more each day.

    "No one can stop us now, because we are all made of stars"