Monday, December 2, 2013

We gotta take the power back
- De la Rocha

A Privileged Puppy

            Question the norm. It's the hip thing to do. Discussions about psychology, gender, and other philosophical matters are often seen as edgy and progressive. Though we are only given the opportunity to pontificate on such things because basic survival needs have been met. While radical thinkers debate existential concepts, a Palestinian family may be wondering whether or not they should risk dodging snipers and bombs as they take their children to see the doctor. The idea of spending one's life creating art with music, poetry or paint, or merely thinking and writing blog entries is unthinkable to some. Not because they cannot think, but because the resources and opportunities are simply not available to them.

            I am finding it more and more difficult to discuss topics such as GMOs and gay marriage when the majority of the world's population does not have their basic survival needs met. It has been said that the American way of life is not sustainable, because it does not take into account the rest of the world. As "developed" countries continue to consume the world, they are doing so at the expense of the "developing" countries. Funneling their resources and exploiting their own opportunism.

        Guilt, I believe, has no place in this discussion. It was not I who decided to systematically conquer and consume the world, nor was it my immediate ancestors (despite my last name "king"). This is a movement that spans far beyond our understanding of the past, which has undoubtedly been molded to fit and idealistic view of HIStory. Responsibility, however, does come into play. I find myself in a privileged position: food, water, clothes and shelter are readily available. Furthermore, I have the luxury of sitting back and discussing "fine" art in an academic setting while considering aspects of the mind and the nature of reality. This is all well and good, but at who's expense am I receiving such abundance.

          As thinkers who find themselves in a privileged position, it is our responsibility to examine ourselves. There are some in this world who have no voice; no outlet of expression. To bring about change from a position of scarcity is very difficult and almost impossible. Until the world of prosperity is willing to share is wealth, until those in power become so bloated and proud that they destroy themselves, or until people begin to re-imagine humanity's role in this reality, we will see no true liberation. We must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, we must recognize who holds the power in this global community and how are they using (or abusing) this power.

         I wish to inspire and build new ideas. No one ethnicity or group of people should be singled out as responsible for the world's shortcomings, however, there are certain people who have the opportunity to bring about substantial change. We must begin with ourselves, only from within may we blossom. At the same time we must be aware of the state of the world. Donate to some organization if you wish, but be wary of such activities which dismiss the problem by simply passing a few pennies on to some unfortunate soul. What we need now is thought. Critical, deep and controversial thought. I think we are on the right track, and there is certainly no need for worrying, though there is a strong need for awareness.

Much Love,
Granola Baba


  1. Here's some discussion from the Facebook thread

    Erica Paris: This is a good point that has been made by many people over many years. Come up with a solution and you'll be telling us something new. These oppressed people that need help are in some deep shit. How does one go about overthrowing the Taliban? Or a secretive, overbearing government like the one controlling North Korea? I'd love to help. Lots of people would. But in many instances, there's not a clear solution. And sometimes, just an attempt can mean death.
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    Carolina Dunleavy-Conery: We do need thought. Critical, deep and controversial thought, Yes, but we also need do-ers. People such as your mother who goes out and does the work needed to help others. (such as the stamp out homelessness right in her own community) giving and helping the less fortunate children in Chattanooga at Christmas through the "Forgotten Child Fund". DO-ing ALL year long after the critical, deep thinking.
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    Nathan King: I believe instead of overthrowing anyone, it is more important that we reassess our own situation. Instead of acting like world belongs to us, we need to see that we belong to the world. It will take time, but I feel that the human awareness is raising which will in turn bring about change.
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    Nathan King: Controversial conversations please.
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    Amresh Kumar: There is a problem with the attitude of the haves(developed) and also with the attitude of the have nots(developing and underdeveloped). The problem lies in both as both are like cat and mouse , one want to grab and other wants to survive at any cost.
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    Alaji Friday: @Erica Paris, u made a good point but, u can start playing ur part from where u re..just little contribution n u will see its multiplier effect. Remember, war somewhere is war everywhere. The gap btween the developed and "other" countries has been increasing steadily over the years. what do u think about the continue rise of terrorism globally? The natural resources on this planet is enough to take care everyone's need but not greed. The developed countries understand the algorithm and they have been keeping it to their favour but, something is certain, information is leaking and spreading, people are getting informed and awareness is increasing as time ticks...remember what led to the collapse of the former Soviet Union!...when crocodile can eat their own eggs, what can they not do with the eggs of other Oviparous.....
    Even going back to the bible, God created the world and people. He didnt differentiate them say, Asia, Africa, South-America, Oceania, etc. Its human beings that did the division bcos, they wanted to create disparity to their many things to say
    Thanks to Nathan King for restating this...have met and discussed with different people(educated & otherwise) from different parts of the world, majority of them are also nursing this....
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  2. Controversy eh? What if this conversation boiled us down to producers and consumers? Of which one are you more?
    Talk about "developed" nations... Not only are they the most consumptive, they are usually the ones producing and selling the most nonsense (plastics) to everyone else. How did the less "developed" nations survive before the rise of a global Consumer Empire? They simply produced for themselves, from their local environment, all the necessary things needed to survive. So what is different now? The presently "developing" countries not only sell their most valuable products (food, fuels, medicine and textiles) for useless PAPER, they are also hypnotically working their way through phases of consumerism and greed thanks to the over flow of previous development. That's right, the consumerist-careless attitude is sweeping the globe as it has in the US for a century.
    Here is the cold, hard truth... it will end when each and every one of us, individually makes a personal decision to recognize the spirit within ourselves as something special, better yet Holy. It is more imperative than selfish that we accept ourselves first and foremost, for only then will we be able to recognize the same holy spirit in our fellow humans...NAMASTE! Once there are more people seeing the world through clear eyes, than there are consumers scrambling for nonsense material items, then we will be able to move forward in a direction of unity, sustainability, peace and prosperity. Now more than ever we need to strive to be more productive individuals, develop our inner strengths, and help as many others as we can see their own true Holiness.

  3. Well said my friend. This cycle of consumption is (in my opinion) the primary distraction of our modern society. We are either overly concerned with production to survive, or consumption to thrive. Though this system is illusory. There is no (true) need for scarcity in this world, and once the abundance is properly distributed there will not be. I've heard a statistic that 20% of the world's population possesses 80% of the world's wealth. Many of the impoverished nations around the world are rich in resources, and it seems impossible for the people to be living in such conditions.

    We must come up with a way to redefine the system from within. We have to work with the resources available to make a suitable transition to a life that is prosperous for all life forms. You are right when you say the change must first come from within, we have to see ourselves in union with the world and other lifeforms around us. I hesitate to use the word 'holy', as there is an interpretation that describes this as meaning 'separate'. It is this separateness that has humanity in competition with itself as well as the planet. "What is our impact on nature?" We are nature! Sure, analyze the state of the environment, and see how it is connected to you.

    Thank you for the two cents Brother Brown. Keep diggin, much love