Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Breathe, breathe in the air"

Use the force

           It is common knowledge that taking a few deep breathes can help one to stabilize their state of mind and find peace. When we are emotionally upset we may be breathing irregularly, and some people believe that taking a few deep conscious breaths can help one to overcome feelings of anger or intense sadness. By tapping in to our connection with the air around us we enhance our state of being, and in turn, the effect that we have on the world around us.

          Energy. We are surrounded by an infinite field of energy that is often referred to as Prana. It is from this life source that we receive unlimited vitality, wisdom and power. Consider stopping for a moment and think about the inhale and exhale of one breath. Go on... This is a practice of linking the mind and the body. When we do this, we alter our energetic frequency and open our mind to higher states of consciousness. I can go into more detail on what I have learned regarding pranayama and the states, attributes and activities of the mind if there is an expressed interest in the comments.

          For now, I would like to invite each and every reader to consider focusing on the breath. This does not require any religious ritual; you don't need to bend your legs into a pretzel or go to a yoga class to work towards clarity of mind. Meditation can happen while you drive your car, or even as you calmly walk through your house. Patanjali says that we need only to focus the mind on one thing to experience yoga; this can be an image, music, an idea or (best of all) the breath.

         However, the mind wants to focus on many things all at once. So each time you gently pull the mind back to it's point of focus, you are strengthening your "meditation muscle" and bringing yourself closer to equanimity of mind. Next time you find yourself being forced to wait for something, don't hate ~ meditate. The universe is giving you an opportunity to experience stillness. Breathe. I love each and every one of you with all of my heart, may we all bask in Love, Light and Peace.

Nathan King (Granola Brer)  

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