Thursday, August 8, 2013

"We are all together."
                                     - Lennon


          Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Qawwali performance by the Warsi brothers at the DST auditorium on campus. Outstanding delivery! The Warsi brothers were singing and playing harmonium as they displayed their music with elegant and poetic artistry. The two brothers were accompanied by two additional singers as well as tabla and mridangam. The singers brought a sense of genuine passion and devotion to the stage, and the crowd responded with uproarious applause and cheering during and after each song.

         I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by my new friend Sritama, a graduate student in the sociology department here at UOH. Sritama helped me to understand the poems and brief speeches given by the singers. Many times their messages were regarding unconditional love and universal peace among all cultures and religions. I had previously not been familiar with the Sufi Qawwali, but it seems to be closely related to the devotional practice of Bhakti.

          In addition to helping me understand Hindi, Sritama also shared with me some responses to my previous blog entries, particularly regarding my remarks about being treated differently because of my skin pigment. Sritama suggested that instead of the "colonial hangover" perspective I have adopted, this different treatment I am receiving is more of an Indian hospitality practice; as if I am being treated as this county's guest. I like that perspective. : )

         I am extremely open to feedback. In fact, I would like to strongly encourage comments either directly on the blog posts or sent to me in person. I am surprised each day at the number of views! Thank you all so much for sharing and reading this blog, it inspires me to keep writing. I am feelin' the love.

Nathan King (Granola Bear)


  1. So...I had to do a little Googling to find that Sritama is a girl's name (although I suspected). I'm glad you've got someone to help you through the language barrier.
    I look forward to your well written blogs. I don't have to wonder how you are doing. Sounds like it's all you had hoped and more. I look forward to hearing the stories first hand months from now around the ol' campfire.
    Unka' Dave

    1. Yes! Sritama is a really great friend, she is studying sociology and has a keen interest in music as well.
      Thanks for the comment Unka! Keep on jammin.

      Much love,
      Nephew Nathan