Thursday, January 16, 2014

"The eternal dream is born on the wings of ageless light"

A loony

      A family of monkeys follow me on the way to class, and water buffaloes halt traffic as they casually stroll across the street making their way to the closest pond. The air smells of mint and smoke, and off in the distance I hear the chanting from the Shiva temple mix with the call to prayer from the nearby Masjid. These are a few of the things which have become common, almost to such a degree that I no longer notice them. Almost daily I take long walks by myself, and sometimes I am not sure whether to burst into tears or erupt in laughter. Solitude makes me feel more alive than anything else, while simultaneously giving me the sensation of losing my mind completely.

      Rest assured, all is well. After trekking through the hills of Maharashtra, I settled down in the quaintness of the Konad coast. Many of the villages along the seaside have retained their traditional ways, and they have a genuine charm that is warm and inviting. I found the perfect little beach-side shack in Murud, and woke up to  find a little puppy on my door step. I ended up breaking my pact of staying in a different city each night, as Murud was just too peaceful to part with. The locals encouraged me to try their favorite beverage known a Taadi; a coconut based wine which cleans your digestive system while also giving a natural high. Two for one, yeah!

       Now I return to Hyderabad for another semester What is this academia of which I have spent the last fifteen years subjecting myself? We throw around big ideas, theories and terms with our super sophisticated words, intellectually fondling each other as we write papers and prepare presentations. But what are we doing?! *sigh* Perhaps it's dangerous to think so much. For now Ill just roll with it and see if I can figure it out along the way. I have discovered, however, that I no longer wish to consider myself an artist or a scientist; rather some kind of mixture of the two. Courses for this semester include:

Theories of Power and Opposition
Foundations of Cognitive Science
Politics in the Globalizing World
Biological Anthropology
Hindustani Shatriya Sangeet

      The more I get into music, the more I realize I cannot work exclusively with this medium. My compositions are becoming more like experimental theater, and as far as my overall life aspirations I am more apt to facilitate sound studies as appose to music studies. Anthropology also has it's limitations. Interdisciplinary study seems to be the only way to satisfy my interests as far as the academic world is concerned, and the study of consciousness is one which demands interdisciplinary approaches. Some mixture of philosophy, anthropology, music and cognitive science should yield the concepts I am seeking, once I get over this whole "why am I even in school" thing. RocknRoll!

I hope everybody enjoyed the refreshment of the full moon.
Big lovin hugs to all yall peoples across the globe,

Baba Granjam - Nate King


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