Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Whatever you are seeking is seeking you"

Tradition and Modernity

          Before coming to India I spent about a year as a volunteer intern at the Folk School of Chattanooga, a non profit organization facilitating musical experiences within the community. Christie Burns, program director at the Folk School, gave me the opportunity to learn, teach and share music with people from many different cultures, both regional and worldwide. Christie and other musicians have shared with me their songs, as well as their experiences. Quite often I would hear of these magical events called Ethno-gatherings, in which musicians from around the world come together for several days of jam sessions, workshops, seminars and performances. Oh how I longed to participate in such an epic musi-cultural exchange.

       Lo and behold,  Christie informed me that India will be hosting their first ever Ethno gathering this month! I submitted my application and eventually received my acceptance letter, although, I soon realized that I did not have the funds necessary to attend. I informed the Ethno coordinators as well as my Folks back home of the scarcity in which I found myself. Without even asking, the Folk School of Chattanooga decided to grant me a scholarship! Thanks to the director Dean and m' ol pal Christie, (as well as the divine heavenly universal everythingness) I will be jammin' at EthnoInida.

Here are some links for those who are interested:

I am about to jump on a train and head to the Himalayas for this mountainous music session! Ill be sure to post pictures, and there will likely be videos and recordings floating around the interweb as well.

Tremendous Love,
Granola Baba