Sunday, November 23, 2014


"Silence can mean violence"
-De la Rocha

Freedumb: Silence and Complacency

        America is not the land of the free that it could be. On the contrary, it is the land of the free labor. In this country, and many others, there are three human states of being which are currently controlled, exploited and nullified by either private corporations, government, and or religious institutions. The three exploited states of being are as follows:


        Many peoples of the world experience social inclusion or exclusion based on their physical appearance. Consider the cultural emphasis put upon women to present themselves in a "socially acceptable way",  or how a dark skinned man may consider using fairness cream or even bleach so that he appears lighter. People act in this way out of necessity. Conformity is presented to individuals as a way of being accepted and included in the circle of societal capital/power. Bank loans, job offerings and educational opportunities are often denied to individuals based solely upon aspects of their physicality; ethnicity, fashion, residency etc. From the moment a human is born into modern society, they are immediately subjected to many forms of systemic oppression.


        People of America, and many other countries, are being forced to conform to a competitive, imperialistic, consumerist lifestyle which leads many down the path of endless debt, materialism, bankruptcy and/or poverty. People are told that they have the right to pursue happiness, yet they are constantly being bombarded by images and ideas of grandiosity, comfort and ease, only to be restricted or excluded from these experiences. The free-market economy is rigged. One might say that the "american dream" is that with enough hard work and persistence, anyone can be successful. However, it is obvious that ethnicity, gender, age, physique, and cultural traits are major factors contributing to the social inclusion and exclusion of success.

        Also, within our capitalist modernity, success is rarely gauged by someone's feelings of contentment, joy and happiness; instead our modern society focuses on achievements and assets one has acquired as a way of measuring success. What have you done, and what do you have to show for it? Feelings are seemingly secondary within this modern capitalist system. The commercials and billboards we see throughout our lives may appear to be selling items, experiences, and ideas, but in actuality, what most of these marketeers are doing is manipulating their audience's emotions in an attempt to convince them that happiness will come from buying what is being sold. Whether it's a fancy car, a luxurious getaway, pornography, or even a cheeseburger, ultimately what is being sold is unnecessary until the buyer is stimulated emotionally by some kind of carefully placed imagery and or sound. Do we as modern people even know what we really want and need, independent of some commercially influenced entity?

     Free will is defined as the ability to act at one's own discretion; in other words, to do as you wish. Philosophers and religious people have long discussed the free will of humans in relation to the search for knowledge, enlightenment, salvation etc. however, when the physical and emotional states of being within humans are so rigidly restricted and manipulated, as we have observed, then it is almost impossible for the true will of the individual to be expressed. Because personal and communal happiness have taken a backseat to personal achievement and asset acquisition, people are unable to identity with their true intention and realize their personal dreams. Conformity robs us of our individual aspirations. 

    Imagine freedom as a spectrum ranging from completely enslaved to absolutely free. Choose your own imagery or ideology with which to understand the power structure of our society. Maybe you choose to put a white heterosexual capitalist Christian man on one end, and a black homosexual communist Muslim woman on the other. I would like to emphasize the vast variety of  characteristics between these two (arbitrarily selected) extremes. Imagine further that there are many societal pressures and incentives to move along the freedom spectrum, by conforming to a particular way of being (religion/political alignment) in the hopes of receiving resources, accolades and other perks in this life and the great beyond. However, conformity can most certainly be a kind of false power that robs the individual of their free will. Ex: If you're hungry the church will feed you, and not just your belly, oh no, they want to be involved with your soul as well. 


         Freedom is one thing that is unquestioned in American culture; speaking about whether or not we are truly free is to call into question what it means to be an American. Well, what does it mean to be an American? This country is known for the extinction and enslavement of people, not to mention the continuous escapades of Imperialism worldwide. I for one don't have much interest in national interest, as it seems to be completely manipulated by the military industrial complex and other corporate commercial entities.

    People have the ability to see beyond nationalism, to see beyond capitalism...all the "isms" for that matter! Political boundaries, ancient religious feuds and deeply ingrained hierarchical systems are all (like everything else) subject to change. You are the Seeds of Fire which will bring about this change. The tide is turning, The times, they are a'changin'! We are the Peoples of the Planet. We are Earthlings. May all beings realize peace and inner happiness.

Love love love,
Nathan King

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