Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Ideas are bulletproof"

 Here is a list of changes that I have observed in my own actions and thoughts since returning to the United States:

1. I don't have to drive everywhere. - Walking is an incredible resource; fuel-less transportation that benefits physical health, and may improve one's mood as well their wisdom. Public transportation is also much more efficient than hauling a massive hunk of metal and fabric just to move my body and a few items.
2. Early mornings are becoming more enjoyable than late nights. - Clarity and peace can be found in the wee small hours of the morning, and one can use this time to prepare the mind to be clear and peaceful throughout the day.

3. (DIY) Learning of do-it-yourself options brings me great joy. - Growing our own food/medicine, collecting rainwater, and learning about the nutritional and medicinal values of wild plants in the area alleviates much social dependency, and introduces (little by little) a fulfilling and inspiring sense of self reliance and responsibility.

4. I would rather trade goods/resources than spend money - Many things have functioned as currency throughout history. Imagine giving your neighbor a bag of potatoes that you grew in your garden, and in exchange, they provide some mechanical service of which they specialize.. See how the value in this scenario is readily apparent? It is not veiled behind a "federal reserve note" which represents value/debt figuratively.

5. Accepting myself as a white man. - This time last year, in India, I was beginning to feel my whiteness, and this ethnic self awareness has only increased sinceI have returned. I see Anglo-Andro-centrism almost everywhere. However, I am finding peace with this new found awareness through research and interaction that I feel brings about positive change.

6. I am a radical. - Einstein (roughly) defined insanity as:  Continuously seeking different results by means of the same operation. I believe that if the people would like to experience social change, our current political system must be re-imagined completely. Replace the corrupt greedy war mongers with dedicated citizens. Replace the corporate fat cat bankster money marketeers with generous merchants looking to serve humanity and the Earth as a whole. Tennesseans, are you surprised that amendment 1 passed? The system is flawed, in my opinion, so I was not very surprised. I reject this system, for it is rooted in exploitation, manipulation and hierarchical social inclusion and exclusion.

My intention is to speak my truth,  I do not wish to influence others. I wish to share ideas with fellow seekers of the truth; people with a strong will to discuss, teach, learn and brainstorm.
The revolution happens right now, here in this moment. No bullets or nastiness required.

It happens in your mind. A consciousness revolution. "We are the 100% Occupy the Infinite" (Kodamanchili)

 I'm not going to ask you to share this post...I am going to ask you to share yourself. Because you are incredible, magnificent, and wondrous, and people are capable of almost anything imaginable. Your talent, your kindness, your intelligence, your voice, your IDEAS are crucial.The Change Train is leaving the station every passing moment, and each one of us is a conductor if we so choose.

We are lovely, and we are remembering this. Happy Autumn/Monsoon season.

Nathan King

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  1. First of all, you didn't open with a line from a favorite song. May I suggest "If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change." (Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson)

    Walking- I love walking. I walked across Virginia once. These days time is so compressed that 60mph is necessary. Wish I could find a way out of that rut.

    Amendment 1- Very disappointing but, like you said, not surprising. As I understand it they can now create legislation regarding abortion- opening the door to further laws based on someone's view of morality. We are on a slippery slope of becoming a theocracy rather that the democracy the founding fathers envisioned. What would the Christian version of Sharia Law look like?

    Great thoughts and points. Glad you are keeping the blog going.